Certainty in vehicle identification

High security licence platesthe passport of the vehicle

High Security Vehicle Identification

The licence plate is the passport of the vehicle and as such it is a security document used for the legal identification of the vehicle. As with a passport, the use of multiple security products is a deterrent against fraudulent manufacture or use of a plate.

A vehicle licence plate is the primary regulatory identifier of a vehicle. Standards and legislation ensure that plates are readable by enforcement agencies, regulatory organisations and individuals using a variety of human and camera technologies.

LicenSys and the wider UTI group have internationally recognised expertise in producing high quality and difficult to clone embossed retro reflective aluminium plates that ensure that the integrity of the plate as the primary vehicle identifier is maintained.

In addition to the embossed plate, we have developed a series of machine readable security marks that can be manufactured into a licence plate to deter and detect copying and increasingly ensure that each plate, whether general issue or personalised, is a legal product.

Increasing Security
Embossed characters aluminium
Embossed characters & slogans
General issue or personalised graphic design
Security inscription
Kinograms & watermarks
Serial numbers
QR barcode with digital signature
RFID device with digital signature
Linked tamper evident windscreen sticker

Each of these security products can be integrated into the plate at the time of manufacture to create a high security licence plate, which when combined with integrated authentication, data capture and management systems, creates a high security vehicle identification solution.

Each solution is designed to meet each customer's needs, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.