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Our products are optimised for recognition, identification, and validation

Product Performance

LicenSys is a proven and reliable supplier of general issue number plates to Australasian governments since 1954.In this time we have been continuously developing new and improved general issue solutions so that our customers have access to state-of-the-art, cost effective and high security number plate products.

The modern security number plate is an official document, the passport of the vehicle. Currently they are manufactured using embossed aluminium and reflective laminates. Like any other official document they should contain additional security features to prevent counterfeiting, tampering attempts or duplication and to ensure controlled production, issuing and subsequent monitoring by government authorities.

The Australasian region has been an early adopter of personalised numberplates for over twenty years and LicenSys has been an innovative partner working closely with governments and plate marketing organisations to deliver world's first and best products and fulfilment solutions.

The diverse product ranges offered in these markets vary from valuable content against single colour backgrounds through content set against high resolution photo quality images and designs. The designed life of the products range is from 7-10 years in harsh environments.

We are recognised global experts in balancing the conflicting personalised plate design requirements of a regulatory security product, manual and automated identification and those of an expensive and desirable consumer product.

If the legislative framework allows, we also offer a complete end-to-end fulfilment solution where we receive an order from a website, manufacture the personalised number plate and deliver it directly to the consumer's home address. The whole process is tracked and the obsolete plate can be returned to LicenSys for secure destruction and recording.