LicenSys has developed a comprehensive understanding of many of our customer’s regulatory processes in regards to licence plates. In many instances we have become a trusted integrated partner of these customers.

This has led us to collaborate with many governments to develop integrated service solutions that improve customer service levels, increase efficiency and lower total cost.

These services include smart communication processes, licence plate ordering systems, managing specific registration processes on behalf of the government and providing integrated software components.

Customer communication


LicenSys is a responsive participant in each customer contract. Each of our customers has differing communication requirements and the base-line is a specified schedule of formal contract meetings, then frequent ad-hoc interactions with standard issue and personalised plate teams.

interACTWe have developed and successfully introduced interACT service portal to many of these customers to assist in the dynamic management of issues, daily communication and ongoing business dialog.

This has proved to be of great benefit to government agencies who face increased category complexity, resource constraints and pressure to improve customer service levels.


Governments have different business requirements so we offer a range of plate ordering options to suit each individual need. These channel options include:

  • Importing and managing a plate order file
  • Secure plate ordering interACT for government locations, agents and motor dealers to order their plate requirements
  • Providing plate inventory management services to fully automate the fulfilment process and track stock in service centres and agencies.
  • Call-centre ordering and customer service for plate remakes and first issue personalised plates

These systems also form part of our full plate life-cycle solution for the secure management of each plate from creation, vehicle registration to recorded destruction.


LicenSys manages some transactions and processes on behalf of our government customers.

These include:

  • Plate remake fulfilment and payment
  • First manufacture and supply of personalised plates
  • Plate database management services
  • Dealer plate ordering, issuance, fulfilment and payment
  • Plate dealer channel management


LicenSys has a proven software development capability and our IT team has developed many bespoke systems for our own use and several for integrated customer processes.

These include, for instance, Proof-of-Identity (POI) and direct delivery personalised plate fulfilment modules and plate configuration micro-site functionality.

Integrated software


LicenSys is part of the Utsch Group, a global manufacturer of licence plates and associated innovative technologies.

The reason for the success is category expertise, innovation and many decades of global market knowledge. Within the group, we have all the relevant technologies for the production of licence plates.

In addition to security licence plate production and distribution, the focus is increasingly on electronic vehicle identification (EVI) through intelligent RFID solutions.

This, together with LicenSys 65-years of Australasian knowledge, experience and innovation, offers our customers unrivalled capability, expertise and innovative proficiency.