LicenSys is part of the Utsch Group and we are the recognised leaders in the development and supply of High-Security License plates.

When a combination of security features is added it makes each individual license plate completely unique and secure and is equally applicable to standard issue and personalised plate types.

This ensures the authenticity of the primary vehicle identifier against counterfeiting, theft and manipulation safeguarding the validity of positive vehicle identification.

Third license plate


The tamper proof plateVALID™ label is attached to the inside of the vehicle windscreen to provide a direct link between the vehicle and the license plate.

  • Provides simple and reliable validation of the attached license plates for law enforcement officers.
  • Clearly displays a vehicle plate image with a distinctive registration number for visual comparison with the license plates.
  • Positive deterrence against plate migration, fraud, theft and forgery
  • The label is securely co-distributed with the license plate set for immediate application as the plates are attached to the vehicle.
  • A permanent holographic, adhesive windscreen label with a long design-life.

It also has a digitally signed and encrypted (Dig Sig) barcode for smartphone scanning and off-line validation to eliminate label fraud.


The use of a unique embossed font to form the registration number together with other embossed features (border and state identifier) make the license plate very difficult to manipulate and fraudulently manufacture.

The use of the official embossed font also supports camera based vehicle detection by law enforcement agencies.

Unique embossed font
Hot stamping foil


The foil used to colour the license plate during hot stamping can be enhanced with an individual inscription with diffractive structures.

The incidence of light reacts to these structures with colour splitting (just as in the rainbow) and as a result, creates an iridescent colour impression which is unique and difficult to reproduce.


Hologram effects can be individually designed and enhanced with a wide range of security features such as microtext, nanotext and tilt effects.

The separately produced holograms (partially individualised by means of laser treatment) are tamper-proofed and linked to the license plate blank in its production process.

2D barcode


A two-dimensional barcode is applied by laser to encapsulated layers or printed onto the plate retro-reflective surface. This barcode can contain a wide range of data to ensure that only admissible registration numbers are embossed and only certified license plates are issued.

Vehicle data can be encrypted with a digital signature and embedded in a QR code, so that in combination with our IDeTRUST Verification App, reliable verification is also possible via smartphone.


Continuous marks are added to the encapsulated layers of the retro-reflective sheeting at the time of manufacture.

These can be viewed by the naked-eye at oblique angles and provide an additional security feature that is very difficult to reproduce and clone.

Directional security marks
Serial number


The Incorporation of encapsulated consecutive serial numbers can be added when the license plate blank is manufactured.

This enables full and secure life-cycle management of the product from manufacture, registration, attachment to a vehicle and through to recording and secure destruction at the end of its life.

The modular concept enables all the security elements to be individually adapted and tailored for integration into existing processes and components. In combination with each other, the security features form a highly effective system against vehicle and license plate theft or cloning and safeguards the authenticity of the primary vehicle identifier.