LicenSys has been the innovative leader of Positive Vehicle Identification products and systems in Australia and New Zealand for over six decades.

We have the latest German technology to manufacture high security licence plates. This ensures that our customers always have the best quality products and exceptional supply reliability.

LicenSys also has the world’s most innovative personalised plate capability achieved by creativity, the application of intelligent technologies and unmatched category expertise.

World-class manufacturing


Our approach to manufacturing is characterised by state-of-the art machinery and processes, consistent high quality, and excellent reliability.

We have six manufacturing facilities in Australasia (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand) to provide local service and risk mitigation.

LicenSys has been ISO 9001 compliant for nearly 25-years and is ISO 45001 Occupation, Health and Safety accredited.

Our proven World Class approach to manufacturing guarantees that we always have exceptional supply reliability, excellent product quality and provide responsive service.


Personalised plate markets in Australasia are the most advanced in the world in terms of diversity and quality of product, consumer appeal and revenue achieved per market size and maturity.

LicenSys has played an important role in the development of this very successful market category by proactively providing a World’s best capability. This includes technical expertise, innovation and manufacturing excellence where every design may be registered to a unique character set and embossed plate format.

We have also developed plateSECURE™ licence plate mounting frames for euro plates and New Zealand standard plates and these are offered for sale through our interACT customer portal.

Product innovation
Fulfilment solutions


Our manufacturing systems are integrated with our software systems to provide modular options for managing plate fulfilment processes depending on the exact requirements of each customer.


If the legislative framework allows, we also offer a complete end-to-end fulfilment solution where we receive an order from a website, manufacture the personalised number plate and deliver it directly to the consumer’s home address. The whole process is tracked and the obsolete plate can be returned to LicenSys for secure destruction and recording.


LicenSys has been certified to ISO 9001 for nearly 25-years. Over this period, LicenSys has not only developed and maintained Quality Management Systems of the very highest standard for many contracts for the manufacture and supply of vehicle number plates, and has consistently delivered the highest quality results.

Recently LicenSys has incorporated the management of OH&S compliance (to ISO 45001 standard) and ISO 27001, the international information security standard within the total quality system.