We have developed the revolutionary RAIN RFID plate and Third Licence Plate label products. When used with overhead, in-road or handheld RFID readers they form the next generation of automated positive vehicle identification technology.

It combines fraud-resistant identification technology with an RFID chip that is integrated into the licence plate and the inclusion of the Third Licence Plate label provides an additional level of security and link to the vehicle.

The NFC and RAIN RFID chip technology enables full and secure plate lifecycle management, proof-of-fitment application and plate verification by law enforcement personnel.

This technology can be used for automated vehicle identification and improves toll monitoring, access control, and combating vehicle related crime.

The solution significantly increases the efficiency, accuracy and security of vehicle identification well into the future.


Our solution provides government and law enforcement agencies with a highly effective technology to positively identify all vehicles, including those attempting to avoid detection. It also provides strengthened governance for safer more efficient roads.



The RFID chip and antenna is an integral part of the licence plate and cannot be removed or tampered with, without visible damage or without compromising its intended functionality.

The RAIN Plate uses innovative and secure production methodology and can be combined with other visual security features at the time of manufacture.

The data stored in the RFID chip can be accessed and verified at any time using mobile or stationary readers – both in standing and moving free flow traffic. This product is designed for automated vehicle and toll monitoring, access control, and combating criminal offences such as vehicle theft, vehicle identity and registration fraud.

plateVALID™ (third licence plate)


The plateVALID™ label is offered with a coloured licence plate image to provide a straight forward comparative visual identifier together with an integrated RFID option for a manual RFID read.

The plateVALID™ Third Licence Plates are based on holographic security labels that self-destruct on any attempt at removal and so rule out manipulation and misuse. This ensures a maximum level of security.

RFID overhead reader


Our RFID reader products include proven overhead readers that can be mounted on an overhead gantry or existing transport infrastructure such as bridges or overpasses. A hand-held reader for manual plate or label verification by law enforcement agencies is also available.

We are developing a smart RFID in-road sensor to provide the next generation of RFID read performance, and as a platform to collect other vehicle data in addition to vehicle ID.


Our solutions optimise secure positive vehicle identification and ensure the integrity of the primary vehicle identifier throughout the full plate life-cycle. Including fulfilment, fitment to the vehicle, vehicle identification and end-of-life.


Our verification software matches the data on the RAIN PLATE against that stored in official vehicle databases. In the event of traffic or access checks the data is decoded and verified and can also be exchanged with any linked-up official interfaces – for example the police or vehicle registration authorities.

The sophisticated algorithms conform to ISO/IEC 20248 and the application may provide offline and online verification of the vehicle-related data.

Also in this area, highly sophisticated technology ensures the greatest possible protection against falsification and manipulation.


The RAIN RFID + NFC technology creates a unique ID for each plate and our verification application provides authentication at each stage of the RAIN Plate life-cycle including manufacture, fulfilment, distribution, issuance, remote proof of fitment via smart phone app, positive vehicle identification in use, and end-of-life.


  • Registration of vehicle with data encrypted and stored to the highest security standards
  • Online and offline verification via smartphone
  • Forgery- and manipulation-proof
  • Reliable vehicle verification for official bodies and private sector users
  • Combination capability with other security features

The LicenSys RAIN RFID solution is ISO/IEC 20248 compliant and provides automatic positive identification of all vehicles. It is also designed to seamlessly integrate with ITS and IoT systems and is fully interoperable with existing data standards.