Positive vehicle identity is a foundation for smart cities and communities.

Emerging intelligent sensors is fast becoming the building blocks of smart cities and communities.

The LicenSys and University of Queensland collaborative research project fuses smart sensors to ensure positive vehicle identity on all roads. At the same time the sensors aims to detect vehicle road worthiness and load problems, as well as ill-attention and under-the-influence driving. LicenSys believes fleetVALID will contribute to safer and more efficient roads.

The Emerging Sensing Technologies Summit 2018 (ESTS’18 – 24-26 September 2018 – Melbourne) brings together the sensing science and technologies communities from around the globe, from the current world-leaders in sensing research and industry applications to the future generations. It is an event not to be missed if you want to keep abreast of the latest advances and foster innovations in sensing developments and their applications.

LicenSys contributes to the Summit presenting the fleetVALID project, presenting the concept of Chains of Accountability in the Internet of Things and in a panel discussion on Cognitive Sensing and IoT.