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Plate Life Cycle Solutions

Our modular Plate Lifecycle Solution (PLS) is designed to integrate with the registration authority's systems to securely manage the design, ordering, fulfilment, return and destruction of licence plates.

With our modular system architecture we can create individual solutions that meet specific requirements with regard to legislation, organisational policy, logistics and security.

Our proprietary software system maximises efficiency, validation and status processes from the initial order through manufacture, storage, delivery and then the return, recording and destruction phases of a plate's life.

The system records and monitors, in detail, all steps of the process, so that the authority can access any relevant information they may require at any stage.

Other integrated modules manage information exchange, transactions, business processes and inventory management of licence plates and other registration items.

LicenSys Plate Life Cycle Solution

  1. 1: Plate Ordering via EDI Interface

    • Online ordering via LicenSys interact™ website
    • Automatic ordering by Inventory Management System
    • Ordering via call-centre
    • Integrated plate ordering via BizPlates™ configurator
  2. 2: Plate Manufacture

    • Plate Lifecycle solution (PLS) manages the scheduling, resource planning, production and inventory requirements
    • Integrated print automation system manages production of special plates
    • Security marks, serialisation and kinegram application is managed by PLS
    • PLS manages the packaging and labelling for distribution of both bulk general issue and direct delivery personalised plates
    • Status monitoring & security
  3. 3: Logistics and Distribution

    • Integration with distribution partners for electronic manifest transfer
    • Full track and trace statuses recorded to client requirements
    • PLS send delivery information to activate plates
    • Return of redundant plate reverse logistics statuses recorded
    • Proof of delivery available on demand
  4. 4: Government Services

    • Administration of government users profiles
    • Information exchange via LicenSys interactTM system including reports, order statuses and plate distribution tracking.
    • Modules that manage specific government transactions or whole processes
  5. 5: Vehicle Identification Integration

    • Integration of RFID, QR barcode and ANPR systems
    • Secure connections to RFID gates and readers via the internet or 3G/GPRS communication platforms
    • Synchronisation with relevant government and agency databases
  6. 6: Secure Plate Return and Destruction

    • PLS records an expected plate return with known data
    • System manages the return packaging if applicable including return addressed logistics.
    • Manages the return logistics process with the distribution partner
    • All required statuses are recorded
    • Plates returned from general issue returns via customer service centres as well as personalised direct delivery returns are recorded and securely destroyed
    • Data recorded and reported as per client requirements
  7. 7: Security and Digital Signature Management

    • Status & security management of the complete plate lifecycle
    • Digital Signature Technology to provide tamper detection and verification of authenticity without the need to connect to a database (offline verification)
    • LicenSys uses the SANS1368 standard to store the plate and vehicle data in a QR barcode or RFID tag

The LicenSys Plate Lifecycle Solution (PLS) takes responsibility for the full ordering, manufacture, outward & inward distribution and secure recording and destruction processes.

Our sophisticated system provides full transparency and minimises the administration, ordering, inventory and plate status costs to government. Our integrated services provide information on-demand, manage transactions and business processes including payments, product fulfilment and customer service, reducing the service delivery cost to government.

Importantly the high security licence plate, together with the PLC solution, manages the real and political risks that surround the role of the regulatory identifier of a vehicle — the licence plate.

LicenSys has developed and installed full and partial PLS in Australasia in the past two decades.

This expertise is unique around the world and UTI is represented on each continent with these technologies and security systems.

Each solution is designed to meet each customer's needs, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.